Fil-Trek specializes in the design, manufacture and service of industrial filtration for the global market. Products include filter housings, replacement filters, strainers, custom filtration equipment and rentals.

Aqualine Series

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High Flow Filter Housings
Bag Filter Housings
Cartridge Filter Housings

 Cartridge Filters

Cartridge Filter Housings

Bag FiltersBag Filters


Bag Filter Housings

Cartridge Filters Cartridge Filter Housings Bag Filters Bag Filter Housings

 Power and Petrochemical

Lube Oil Filtration

Liquid Separators and Filters

  Liquid Separators and Filters
Power and Petrochemical Lube Oil Filtration Gas Filters and Filter Separators Liquid Separators and Filters



Gas Well Sand Filters 

Sour Service Applications

Strainers Tanks Gas Well Sand Filters Sour Service Applications


Fil-Trek's rental program helps your company get the most accurate filtration results for projects that only require short term use. Rental housings eliminate permanent equipment on site when it is not necessary and is picked up by us when you have reached your objective. All rental housings are open to customization to help meet the specific requirements of your project.

 Rentals  Rentals  Rentals

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